Episode 4: Preparing for a GT

In this episode, we discuss how to prepare for a major 40k GT with special guest Ben Cromwell. We also preview our plans for the Las Vegas Open 2016.

Show NotesThe Battlehosts Podcast

Preparing for a Grand Tournament (GT), why you should attend, and tips and advice for attending.

Special Guest Ben Cromwell (aka Dr. Insanotron)

Why should you attend a GT?

  • Competitive 40k play at the highest levels.
  • Chance to meet players and make friends from around the country.
  • Its a huge spectacle of everything gaming and 40k.

Ben’s Nova 2015 Experience and LVO 2016 Plans

The Battlehosts’ plans for LVO 2016

Tips for players attending a GT

  • How to select an army and practice
  • Build and assemble in time for the GT
  • What happens when new codexes/formations drop?
  • Important supplies for GTs and what do you need to pack
  • Air travel with your army

Surviving the GT experience

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