Episode 35: Imperial and Renegade Knights

In this episode, we talk about knights, both Imperial and Renegade. If you have ever thought of running knights in your list, or even starting an all knight army, this podcast is for you. We talk about the story and background of the knights, the models and aesthetics, how the different variants function in the game, and how they can make their way into your lists.The Battlehosts Podcast

Show Notes

A brief history of knights.

Core concept of Imperial/Renegade  Knights
WS4, BS4, S10, AV 13, 12, 12, I4, A3, HP6 Super Heavy Walker

Imperial/Renegade Knight weapons

Heavy StubberMelta Gun, Heavy Flamer

Close combat weapons:

  • Reaper chainsword
  • Thunderstike Gauntlet

Ranged weapons:

  • Carapace: Iron storm missiles, Icarus Autocannon, Stormspear Rocket pod
  • Arms: Avenger Gatling cannon, Battle Cannon , Thermal Cannon


  • Errant
  • Paladin
  • Warden
  • Gallant
  • Crusader

Renegade Knights: mix and match what you want!


  • Household Detachment
  • Oathsworn Detachment
  • Exalted court
  • Baronial court
  • Tripartite Lance

Forgeworld knights
Cerastus knights (flank speed, 3d6” run)

  • Cerastus Archeron
  • Cerastus Castigator
  • Cerastus Lancer
  • Cerastus Atrapos

Questorius Knight Magaera

Benefits and weaknesses of knights

Getting started with and how to play knights

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  1. Especially once the knights begin blasting chunks from each other and you have to work around your slowly diminishing capabilities.