Episode 53: The 2017 Christmas Episode

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2 Responses

  1. Angry max says:

    With all due respect… not having a codex has created a negative play environment. The only way to even remotely compete is to roll out the biggest ball of cheese an index can manage. Then hope you don’t get stratagem slapped off the table.

    I am glad you have your codex, but i have quit playing 40k until i see my damn codex. I canceled my lvo trip, because it is pointless to show up and get boot stomped. If i wanted that i could head to the lgs.

    GW to their credit is doing amazing with the release schedule but chapter approved needed at least 3 more stratagems per faction. Now i can win games, i can even take down a local tournaments, with a lot of luck and a cheese list. I don’t want to have to play a tournament style list every week because everyone in my meta has their codex. While both of my factions are still, waiting. But i got the message from GW, xenos are not a high priority. What 6 imperium codices, 2 chaos and 2 xenos. In less than 30 days 3 chaos.

    The imbalance GW has created sucks if you play xenos and want to field something other than pure cheese. Competitive metas are fun…

    • Vachones says:

      I absolutely don’t blame you Max, we at the Battlehosts are lucky we have our codexes, but non-codex armies really struggle to compete right now in a competitive environment. Its a weird transition time right now and until everyone is up to speed with codexes it will continue.