Episode 36: Skitarii and the Adeptus Mechanicus

In this episode, we talk about Skitarii, part one of our podcast about the armies of the Mechanicum. If you have ever thought of running Skitarii or a War Convocation, or play against them, this is the podcast for you! We are going to talk about the story and background of the Skitarii, the models and aesthetics, how the different units function in the game, and how they work on the table. The Battlehosts Podcast

Show Notes

A brief history of the Mechanicum and Skitarii.

Their models and aesthetics.

Skitarii Army rules

Infantry have FNP (6+ for troops, 5+ for elites), 4+ and 6++,  and T3.

Dunestrider rule: +3” move, run, charge

Doctrina Imperitives:

  • +1 BS or +1 WS
  • +2 BS (-1 WS) or +2 WS (-1BS)
  • +3 BS (-2 WS) or +3 WS (-2 BS)

No access to vehicles or transports aside from Battle Brothers.

Skitarii Units


  • Vanguard
  • Rangers

Special Weapons

  • Arc Rifle
  • Transuranic Arquebus
  • Plasma Caliver
  • Enhanced Data Tether


  • Rustalkers
  • Infiltrators

Special Issue Wargear

  • Refractor Field
  • Conversion field
  • Digital weapons

How best to kit out and play the Infantry?


  • Dragoons
  • Ironstrider
  • Onager Dunecrawlers

How best to kit out and play the walkers? What upgrades to get?

Relics and Formations

Getting started with Skitarii

Tips and tricks for playing Skitarii

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