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The Battlehosts Ep 46

Episode 46: Owning and Playing a 40K Titan

In this episode, we talk about Warhammer 40K Titans. We discuss why you would want to own one, each of the titans available through Forgeworld, and playing them in games of Warhammer 40K. We also talk about purchasing and building these huge models and what to do when this kit arrives at your door. Our special guest is Nick Broussard, who helps to run the Titan Owners Club.

Episode 44: The History of 40K Part 4

In this episode, we finish our discussion of the history of Warhammer 40k by talking about New 40k. Rather than simply talk about the changes, we wanted to discuss this new edition in the context of what has come before it. Of course we will offer our own first impressions on this edition having played many games already. We will also talk about what you can look forward to from us as a result of this new edition of 40K.

Episode 43: The Boise Cup GT

In this this episode, we talk about the Boise Cup, the first New 40k GT in the ITC. We talk about how it was created, organized, and run by the TOs so you get an idea of what it takes to hold an event in your area. We also discuss how New 40K plays in a matched play environment and discuss the top 3 lists at the event.

Episode 42: Tables and Terrain in 40K

In this episode, we discuss tables and terrain in 40k. This can make or break a game of 40k. When you attend events the most important thing players talk about is the terrain. Most tables don’t have enough. If you want to play a balanced and competitive game of 40k, you need to have the right terrain.

Episode 41: Surviving Change in 40K

Tonight we are going to talk about adapting to change in Warhammer 40k, especially big change like an edition change. We discuss why change can be hard for 40k players, what are some things to remember when you are faced with change, and some specific things you can do to make the best of it.

Episode 40: The History of 40K Part 3

In this episode, we conclude our history of 40K with a discussion of 6th and 7th edition. We discuss the changes to the gameplay and how 40k dramatically escalated with 6th and 7th edition. We also have an interview with Carl Tuttle of the Independent Characters podcast to talk about his personal history of 40k.

Episode 39: The History of 40K Part 2

In this episode, we continue our discussion of the history of Warhammer 40k. We talk about the third, fourth and fifth editions of 40k and how the rules, gameplay, art and story evolved through these editions of the game. We also have an interview with Chris Morgan and Paul Murphy of the Forge the Narrative podcast to talk about their own history of 40k.

Episode 38: The History of 40k Part 1

In this episode, we begin our discussion on the History of 40k. This year is the 30th anniversary of Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader, so we will be covering all 7 editions of the game in three podcasts. This episode covers first and second edition of 40k. We also have a guest interview with Adam from TFG Radio!

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Episode 37: Cult Mechanicus

In this episode, we talk about the Cult Mechanicus, part two of our podcast about the armies of the Mechanicum or Omnissiah. If you have ever thought of running Cult Mechanicus or a War Convocation, or play against them, this is the podcast for you. We talk about the story and background of the Cult Mechanicus, the models and aesthetics, how the different units function in the game, and how they work on the table. Finally, we discuss the War Convocation, a great mixture of Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii.