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BH Episode 114

Episode 114: Getting Ready for 9th Edition

In this episode, we discuss getting ready for the 9th edition of Warhammer 40K. Changing editions is just a reality with this game, so we will look back at our personal history with each edition change. We also talk about what excites us about the new edition and what we plan on doing as we wait for the new edition to launch.

Episode 113 Logo

Episode 113: 40K on a Budget

In this episode, we discuss how to be part of the 40K hobby on a budget. We talk about limiting impulse purchases and buying models you will use and enjoy and getting discounts on models. We also talk about strategies such as converting, magnetizing, and bits purchases to save money. Finally, we discuss hobby supplies and what is worth the money and what is not. We also interview Aaron Albert, aka Trader-A on buying and selling used models for fun and profit.

The Battlehosts Episode 112

Episode 112: Planning and Finishing your Army

In this episode, we talk with Brian and Alex from the Splintermind podcast about planning and finishing your 40k army. We discuss what to consider as you plan out your army, including how it will look, its theme, and how it will work on the table. We share how we built our own armies, starting with detachments and growing to complete armies. Finally, we talk about avoiding distractions and the rewards of a completed army.

Episode 111

Episode 111: Mathhammer Part 2

In this episode, we interview Brandon Grant to talk about how he uses mathhammer to answer questions important to his army, how to help when building  army lists, and how to prepare for games by knowing the offensive and defensive capabilities of his units. We also review the Math Hammer app and how you can use it to help build more effective lists and to improve your play.

EP 110

Episode 110: Mathhammer Part 1

In this episode, we talk about Mathhammer, which is using basic math to determine the offensive or defensive effectiveness of a particular unit in 40K. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. In part 1, we talk about the attack sequence and how to determine the probability of causing a wound. We then discuss the mechanics of the game that improve your odds, including re-rolls, modifiers, AP values, and volume of firepower. Finally we talk about variability and how randomness can impact your game plans.

Podcast Episode 108

Episode 108: Genestealer Cult Part 1

In this episode, we talk about Genestealer Cults. It’s one of the newest and  most unique armies in the game of 40K and the only one who can ally with Tyranids. In part one, we will talk about the history and lore of Genestealer cults, their army rules, the cult creeds, and getting started.

The Battlehosts Episode 107

Episode 107: Black Library Book Club 1

In tonight’s episode, we will discuss two books: Dark Imperium by Guy Haley, and Spear of the Emperor by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Both are newer books that take place in the current era of 40K and both have Adeptus Astartes fighting Chaos, so they make for an interesting comparison. We start with a spoiler free review section and  give our recommendation for each book. We will then do a more in-depth spoiler-filled dive into each book to discuss the themes, characters, and stories.

The Battlehosts Ep 105

Episode 105: The Road to LVO 2020

In this episode, we talk about planning for the Las Vegas Open 2020. We discuss the process of settling on an army, getting it ready, and practicing with it so you are ready to play. We also offer some practical advice on attending the LVO, including a checklist of items to pack, transporting models, and what to do between and during games to be as successful as possible. Finally, we talk about what we intend to bring and what our goals are for this LVO.