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The Battlehosts Ep 105

Episode 105: The Road to LVO 2020

In this episode, we talk about planning for the Las Vegas Open 2020. We discuss the process of settling on an army, getting it ready, and practicing with it so you are ready to play. We also offer some practical advice on attending the LVO, including a checklist of items to pack, transporting models, and what to do between and during games to be as successful as possible. Finally, we talk about what we intend to bring and what our goals are for this LVO.

The Battlehosts Episode 89

Episode 89: Playing to the Missions

In this episode, we talk about playing to the mission. In Warhammer 40k, killing units is not enough to win. Playing to the mission means never losing sight of what it takes to win the game. We  talk briefly about our experience with the new Eternal War and Maelstrom missions, but we will focus mainly on the two major competitive mission formats in North America: ITC and Nova missions.

The Battlehosts Episode 83

Episode 83: The Las Vegas Open 2019

In this episode, we talk about the Las Vegas Open 2019. We talk about our experiences at the event, including what we did well and what we learned about playing the game of 40K. We also discuss the state of the game and how the game has evolved since the last LVO. We also have in interview with Skarri from SkaredCast on his LVO experience and his thoughts on 40k.

Episode 56: Getting Ready for the Las Vegas Open 2018

In this episode, we talk about our plans for attending the Warhammer 40K events at the Las Vegas Open. We discuss our expectations and why we will be attending. We also give tips on how to prepare a big event and what you should bring to maximize your success. Finally, we discuss the new ITC Champions missions and how to play them effectively.

Episode 43: The Boise Cup GT

In this this episode, we talk about the Boise Cup, the first New 40k GT in the ITC. We talk about how it was created, organized, and run by the TOs so you get an idea of what it takes to hold an event in your area. We also discuss how New 40K plays in a matched play environment and discuss the top 3 lists at the event.