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The Battlehosts Episode 101

Episode 101: Three Ways to Play 40K

In our latest episode, we talk about the three ways to play 40K with Lawrence from Tabletop Tactics. We discuss the differences between competitive, casual, and narrative play, including army lists, game play, missions and the overall purpose of each way to play. We also catch up with the latest from Tabletop Tactics and how they produce content that appeals to all styles of play.

The Battlehosts Episode 100

Episode 100: Why We Play 40K

In a very special 100th episode, we talk about why we play 40K with three prominent 40K pod casters: Paul from Forge the Narrative, Skarri from Skaredcast, and Val from 40K Stats Centre. We hear how they got started, their first armies, and their first game experiences. We talk about some of their best moments, some of their worst moments, and why 40K has become an important part of their lives.

The Battlehosts EP 99

Episode 99: Starting a Space Marine Army

In this episode, we talk about starting a Space Marine army. We cover the basic rules of marines and the format of the new codex and supplements. We then talk about picking a chapter and whether to collect “traditional” marines versus primaris marines. Finally, we discuss why we are all jumping on the Space Marine bandwagon and why right now is a good time to start a Space Marine army.

The Battlehosts Episode 98

Episode 98: Casual Play in 40K

In this episode, we talk about casual and narrative play in 40K. We discuss the differences in army lists, play styles and player attitudes between casual, narrative and matched play and how you can ensure you get the 40K experience you really want to have. I have an interview Dave from about their awesome new space and how MWG keeps the play casual. We also talk about how to run a casual event, and his upcoming event; Gorkamorka. 

Episode 95: Astra Militarum Part 1

In this episode, we talk about the Astra Militarum, or the Imperial Guard. In this first part of a two part podcast, we talk about the history of the Astra Militarum and an overview of how the army plays in 40K. We then discuss each of the regiments, including their history, rules, some interesting combinations, and units that play to their strengths.

The Battlehosts Episode 94

Episode 94: Overlooked Units in 40K

In this episode, we discuss overlooked units in 40K. These may be units that you don’t see or hear about very often or that have been dismissed online because they are not the most efficient choices. Whatever the case, we set out to come up with units that we think can serve a useful role in your army list. They may not be the best, but they are better than you think and if you love the model sometimes that is what counts.

The Battlehosts Episode 93

Episode 93: Breaking out of a 40K Hobby Slump

In this episode, we talk about breaking out of a 40K hobby slump. No matter how much you love the hobby of 40K, there will be times when you lose your motivation to build and paint models, to play games, or to engage with the 40K community. Sometimes you might just be tired of one part of the hobby, others you might just feel like you need a break completely. It happens to all of us eventually and this episode is about what you can do to become inspired by the 40k hobby again.

The Battlehosts Episode 87 Battlehosts Episode 92

Episode 92: The Movement Phase

In this episode, we talk about the Movement phase.  This is another in our series of podcasts on Warhammer 40k tactics and the phases of the game. We start off with the mechanics of the movement phase and the impact of the different types of terrain on movement. We then talk about having a purpose for moving a unit, having a plan and thinking ahead, and movement with each of the different unit types.

Episode 91: Drukhari Part 2

In this episode, we continue our discussion of Drukhari. In part 1, we interviewed Brian from the Splintermind podcast and covered the history and background of the Drukhari. We also overviewed the Kabals, Cults, and Covens and our favorite units. In this part, we interview with Skarri from Skaredcast to talk about how to play Drukhari competitively. We then finish up our discussion on the Drukhari model range and how to get started with the army.