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The Battlehosts Episode 60

Episode 60: Assault in 40K

In this episode, we talk about conducting successful assaults in Warhammer 40K. There are a lot of changes in this edition, starting with the fact that there is no more assault phase; its the Charge and Fight phase now. We discuss the reasons for charging and fighting and go into detail on the steps for each phase and all the flexibility you have as a player.

Episode 55: Chaos Space Marines (Part 2)

In this episode, we continue our discussion of the Heretic Astartes or Chaos Space Marines of Warhammer 40K. We go into more detail with each Legion, including their history, tactics, stratagems, and relics. We will also talk about the Chaos Space Marine model line and how to get started with collecting and playing them.

Episode 54: Chaos Space Marines (Part 1)

In this episode, we talk about Chaos Space Marines, or Heretic Astartes. We talk about the history of the Chaos Space Marines, their rules, stratagems, and we spend time talking about their units. We also talk psychic powers and some of the really interesting combos you can do with this codex. We think this is a fantastic book that offers a lot of flexibility for those players who prefer to run traitor marines.

The Battlehosts Logo Episode 51.

Episode 51: Space Marines Part 2

In this episode, we finish our discussion of the Adeptus Astartes or Space Marines. We talk about the Primaris Space Marines, including their background, units and how they play in the game. We also go into a deeper discussion on the Space Marine stratagems, psychic powers, relics, and warlord traits. We talk about each of the codex Space Marine chapters and we end our podcast talking about list building.

The Battlehosts logo Episode 50

Episode 50: Space Marines Part 1

In this episode, we talk about about the Adpetus Astartes or Space Marines in Warhammer 40K. This is part one of a two part series on the most popular and iconic faction in the game. We cover a brief history of the Space Marines, discuss the weapons and units available to them, and talk about how to get started with a Space Marine army.

The Battlehosts Ep 48 Logo

Episode 48: Playing with Titanic Units

In this episode, we talk about playing with Titanic units in 40k. Many events have banned all units above a power level of 31, but how necessary is this? We talk about all of the units that would be banned and evaluate it for durability and lethality to see how good they are and if these units have a place in a 2000 point Matched Play game.

Battle hosts Ep47 Logo

Episode 47: Tactics in New 40K (Part 2)

In this episode, we talk to Mitch Pelham, a top ranked ITC player who took 2nd at the Bay Area Open. We discuss his experience playing in a major tournament and the list elements and tactics that work well in New 40K. We also discuss how to survive two days of gaming and the importance of good sportsmanship and being a fun and fair opponent.