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The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 29: Know your 40k Opponent

In this episode, we discuss knowing your opponent’s army. It’s always easier to play against an army you know really well. Most of us don’t know every army, unit or formation in the game. That is why it’s important to quickly find out as much about an opponent’s army as possible in that brief time when you trade army lists and get started on playing you game.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 24: Building a Competitive List

In this episode, we talk about how to build a competitive list. We are going to focus on building a list for ITC events, but it’s applicable for any competitive lists. We will talk about the important things to have in a list and the kind of things you need to have an answer for. We also talk about some ways to play to win in a competitive event.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 13: The Assault Phase Part 2

In this episode, we conclude our discussion of the Assault Phase in 40k. We talk math hammer and assault and how to figure out what your units should and should not assault. We also talk about how to build an effective assault unit.