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Episode 95: Astra Militarum Part 1

In this episode, we talk about the Astra Militarum, or the Imperial Guard. In this first part of a two part podcast, we talk about the history of the Astra Militarum and an overview of how the army plays in 40K. We then discuss each of the regiments, including their history, rules, some interesting combinations, and units that play to their strengths.

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Episode 92: The Movement Phase

In this episode, we talk about the Movement phase.  This is another in our series of podcasts on Warhammer 40k tactics and the phases of the game. We start off with the mechanics of the movement phase and the impact of the different types of terrain on movement. We then talk about having a purpose for moving a unit, having a plan and thinking ahead, and movement with each of the different unit types.

The Battlehosts Episode 89

Episode 89: Playing to the Missions

In this episode, we talk about playing to the mission. In Warhammer 40k, killing units is not enough to win. Playing to the mission means never losing sight of what it takes to win the game. We  talk briefly about our experience with the new Eternal War and Maelstrom missions, but we will focus mainly on the two major competitive mission formats in North America: ITC and Nova missions.

The Battlehosts Episode 82

Episode 82: Orks Part 2

In this episode, we finish our discussion on Orks. In part 1, we talked about the history of Orks, the different clans, and our favorite Ork units. In part 2, we interview Richard Kilton, a longtime and top ranked Ork player about his experiences with Orks. We also discuss stratagems, psychic powers, relics and warlord traits. Finally, we talk about the Orks strengths on the tabletop, the weaknesses of Orks, and how to get started with the army

The Battlehosts Episode 81

Episode 81: Orks Part 1

In this episode, we talk about Orks! Like most of our army reviews, this is a big topic, so we have broken this into two parts. In this first part, we talk about the story and background of Orks, each of the Ork clans, and our favorite units in the new codex. We also talk about our preparations to go to the Las Vegas Open 2019.

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Episode 74: Deployment

In this episode, we talk about the Deployment phase. We often hear that games are won or lost in the deployment phase, and in many ways it is one of the most important phases in the game. We are going to talk list archetypes and how they want to deploy as well as the timing and placement of units in order to maximize your options while limiting your opponents.

The Battlehosts Episode 73

Episode 73: Tyranids Part 2

In this episode, we finish our discussion of the Tyranids. In part 1, we talked about the history of Tyranids, the different Hive fleets, and some of the top units in the codex. In part 2, we cover the rest of the units in the codex, the psychic powers, stratagems, traits, and relics that we like. We also talk about getting started and discuss list building with Tyranids.

The Battlehosts Episode 69

Episode 69: List Building Episode

In this episode, we talk about list building. We have had many listeners write in with questions about their lists and we wanted to commit an entire episode around list building. Almost all the lists are space Marines lists and a few chaos lists, and because these are two of the earliest codices, they pose as special challenge if you want to build lists that play well on the table.