Episode 93: Breaking out of a 40K Hobby Slump

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5 Responses

  1. Matthew Ehlinger says:

    great! haha made my day seeing another episode being released today. Can i place a request for a Harlequin Breakdown? After listening to the Drukhari and Craftworld two parters I think it just makes sense to finish off the Aeldari factions right? 😉

    Keep up the great work, I love the podcasts and they help me get through the work day.

    • Vachones says:

      Thanks for the kind works Matthew! We have a lot of faction breakdowns left and we will get to Harlequins, we promise!

      • Matthew Ehlinger says:

        Fantastic to hear! Just became a patreon for the discord access and look forward to joining the community.

  2. Rafael W says:

    Good podcast! One thing you guys touch on a lot is that generally motivation comes AFTER you do something, rather than before. As you all discussed, keeping momentum and painting SOMETHING (anything) helps maintain momentum rather than the hoping for the magical motivational pill that we all look for.

    So definitely, just putting some paint on a brush can often times be enough to get out of a slump rather than obsessing over some end goal which seems so daunting at the time. But once you get going, you realize the progress is fun and motivating and you’re more likely to continue going forward.