Episode 28: Can you be a top 40k player?

In tonight’s episode, we ask the question: can you be a top 40k player? Probably not, and we talk about what separates the top 40k players from the rest of us. But even if you won’t be a top player, we talk about what you can get from the game by playing competitively and attending large events.The Battlehosts Podcast

Show Notes

Introduction to Aaron Albert, aka Captain A.

Aaron runs a used model service; he will buy all of the models you have and has lots of stuff for sale. Check out his website at Trader-a.com and his Ebay store.

What do Top Players do?

They know stuff.

They remember stuff.

They are very confident.

They have been playing for a long time and play with and against multiple armies.

They have a support circle of others like them that know more than they do to play against and bounce ideas off of constantly

They play a LOT and know common mission rules really well.

They don’t have any limitations on what they will bring.

They “see” the board.

Can you be a top player?

Do you have the time and or money plus a support circle to be a top player?

Do you have the stomach to be a top player?

MOST players are not top players; we make up the 90% of event attendance.

Not being a top player does not mean you can’t get a lot out of the hobby: What are your strengths? What can you do to have fun?

Playing competitively is the best way to get better at the game. Getting better is its own reward.

ITC/Competitive leagues

Help to build the community and you get practice in against other like players.

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