Episode 24: Building a Competitive List

In this episode, we talk about how to build a competitive list. We are going to focus on building a list for ITC events, but it’s applicable for any competitive lists. We will talk about the important things to have in a list and the kind of things you need to have an answer for.  We also talk about some ways to play to win in a competitive event.The Battlehosts Podcast

The Iron Halo GT  Our good friend of the show, Ben Cromwell, is attending this ITC event. It sounds like a great event, check out the link for more details.

Show Notes

The best lists have very few if any hard counters to them. They also have several important elements to them based on the type of list.

Types of lists

Shooting list: needs quality shooting. Range, volume of shots, sometimes low AP, re-rolls for hit and wound are a bonus.

Assault lists: should be in assault turn 2 with a huge chunk of your forces intact.

Elements of competitive lists

Objective grabbing: hold during the game, and hold late game.

Board control: forcing your opponent to go to predictable places.

Ignores cover shooting (assault is always ignores cover).

Redundancy; always better to take 2 if you can. If you have a big unit, it better be very durable.

Units that are flexible enough to do multiple things.

Your opponents

…or the kinds of things you need answers for…

  • Battle company marines
  • Eldar
  • Tau
  • Drop pod marines
  • Demons
  • Necrons
  • Knights and heavy armor
  • Bikes/Thunderwolves
  • Horde style armies

Gimmicky lists

Or “counter meta” lists. Will work once, but players who know will dismantle that before you get a chance to use it.

Playing Competitive

Deployment: What can your opponent do to you turn one?  What do they have that they might keep in reserves?

  • Alpha versus beta strike
  • Long range shooting

Always know your ranges

Move like you have a purpose

Take on pieces of the army at a time, not all of it, through focus fire.

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