Episode 3: 40k Tactics: The Deployment Phase

Deployment is the first step in the game and its critical to get it right. In this episode, we discuss deployment and how to get it right.

The Battlehosts PodcastShow Notes

Going first versus going second

  • Benefits of going first versus second
  • Which armies want to go first versus second?

Null Deployment

  • Nothing or minimum on table, knowing you have units arriving
  • Have to have reserve manipulation; without it, for every unit there is a 1/3 chance of not coming on
  • Know opponents scout and infiltrate

When should you reserve?

  • If you are facing a shooting alpha strike army
  • If you have a turn 2 alpha strike
  • General guidelines for deployment

Which units to put in cover?

  • Low AV (4+)
  • Monstrous creatures toe in cover (terrain does not slow them down)
  • Units that won’t move

How much ignores cover do they have? Never plan for it, but if they have it, then you deal with it.

If your Invul 4+ or better, don’t worry unless you can buff it.

With assault, cover lowers I of many armies.

Stealth and Shrouded stack with cover.

Deployment by map

  • Dawn of war and Vanguard great for assault
  • Hammer and Anvil for shooting

Deployment by Unit type

  • Assault; up to line, can’t hold back, you want to bring threats
  • Shooting; far back, but still in range

Refused Flank: deploy second, pick fastest part and deploy away from the slow part of the army; full army takes on half their army.

Bubble-wrapping :limit short range shooting, drop pod shooting, limiting weak spots, discourages aggressive tactics and limits assault.


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