Episode 5: 40k Tactics: The Movement Phase

In this podcast episode, we discuss movement, the most important phase of the game and one which sets you up for both shooting and assault.

The Battlehosts PodcastShow Notes

Why is movement so important?

  • Determines the rest of the phases, sets up the rest of the game, dictates the assault and shooting.
  • In an objective based game, movement captures objectives.
  • Movement changes your threat range and determines your board presence.

General Movement Ideas

You generally want to move at the same rate, although you can have speed elements for objective grabbing and surprise.

You want overlapping threat or support ranges.

Movement Rules

Scouting and Infiltrating boost movement; infiltrators can stop scouts.

Have to have a reason to do this; get closer to opponent, capture objectives, mission types (relic, quarters, etc.), and pressure and board presence.

Turbo boost, Run, Flat out; give up assault and shooting, but there are reasons why you do it.

  • Quickly reinforce the other parts of the board.
  • Can feint to make someone chase you, then move.
  • Get away from tough units.

Jump-shoot-Jump; the assault movement

  • Use it defensively, move behind cover, move out of range, get line of sight
  • Change board presence or move closer to objective.

Threat radius

Imaginary circle around a unit that is the limits of it possible impact in the game.

At the end of the movement phase, you want to able to have multiple avenues of action, threatening multiple units.

Terrain and movement

“Defensive” movement by LOS or cover.

Terrain is your defensive friend, 4+ and 5+ cover, plus go to ground, plus bonuses.

Hugging cover is a good strategy, just have to watch for getting stuck in terrain.

Simple things with movement

Keep your units spaced if you expect template weapons.

Predicting where fire will come from, sacrificial models out front.

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