Author: Vachones

Boise Invitational/Open 2015 Day 2

The Boise Invitational 2015 continues, with three rounds to determine who is the best. The Boise Open also kicks off, where players are judged on generalship, army appearance, and sportsmanship, with the winner the player who embodies all three the best.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 1: Introduction to The Battlehosts

Introducing The Battlehosts, a podcast dedicated to 40k players of all skill levels. We discuss the purpose of this podcast and our guidelines and philosophy.

Necron Army

Part 4: Your first army

So you have picked out your army to get started with in 40k. Now its time to make your first purchases, build and paint your army, and learn how to play it well.

Demon Army

Part 3: Before you buy

So you are ready to make the plunge into 40k. Before you start spending your money, find out how best to get started and how to pick the army that is right for you.

Dark Eldar Army

Part 2: Why 40k could be for you

We talked about the bad in Part 1 of this Getting Started series. Now we talk about why so many people love 40k and why it could be the game, the hobby, and the community you are looking for.