Author: Vachones

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 17: Eldar Part 2

In part two of our discussion on Eldar, we talk list building and tactics with Eldar, Dark Eldar, Corsairs and Harlequins. We also discuss how to get started and why we love all things Eldar!

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 16: Eldar Part 1

Our longest podcast yet, and its only part ! In this episode, we talk Eldar. Craftworld, Dark Eldar, Harlequins, and Corsairs. If you have ever thought of starting an Eldar army, this podcast is for you!

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 13: The Assault Phase Part 2

In this episode, we conclude our discussion of the Assault Phase in 40k. We talk math hammer and assault and how to figure out what your units should and should not assault. We also talk about how to build an effective assault unit.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 12: LVO 2016 Lessons From Top Players

In this episode, we talk about our experience at the Las Vegas Open 2016 and the lessons we learned from watching and playing against the top 40k players in the country. We also talk about terrain, missions, the current game meta, and what you should include in your own armies.

ITC Tournament: Boise Team Championship

The Battlehosts are partnering with the Gem State Gaming Convention to bring you the Boise Team Championship! The BTC is a Warhammer 40k 3-person team event. It is a two day, 5 game event and is part of the Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC), so get your team ready and earn some ITC points!