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The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 34: Back from the Las Vegas Open

In this episode, we talk about our experience this year at the Las Vegas Open 2017. It has become one of the largest Warhammer 40k events in the country, and this year it was bigger and better than before. We also talk about what we saw in in the competitive scene this year and how our own armies stacked up.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 32: Playing Defense in 40k – Shooting Phase

In this Episode, we talk about playing defense in the shooting phase. We discuss what you can do to ensure your units survive shooting during a game of 40k, including reserves, line of sight, cover, and psychic defense. We also talk about what to look for in the list building stage to beef up the defense of your army.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 31: The London 40K GT

In this episode I talk with Zach Becker from the London 40K Grand Tournament. We talk about the now sold out 2017 event and his plans for future events. We also discuss the new Games Workshop and their support and engagement with the community.

Episode 30: The 2016 40K Christmas Special

It’s our second annual 40K Christmas special! We talk about the major themes from Games Workshop in 2016 and what we are looking forward to next year. We also do a bit of wish listing for a possible 8th edition 40K.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 29: Know your 40k Opponent

In this episode, we discuss knowing your opponent’s army. It’s always easier to play against an army you know really well. Most of us don’t know every army, unit or formation in the game. That is why it’s important to quickly find out as much about an opponent’s army as possible in that brief time when you trade army lists and get started on playing you game.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 28: Can you be a top 40k player?

In tonight’s episode, we ask the question: can you be a top 40k player? Probably not, and we talk about what separates the top 40k players from the rest of us. But even if you won’t be a top player, we talk about what you can get from the game by playing competitively and attending large events.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 27: Listener List Discussion

In this episode, we will be discussing two army lists that listeners have submitted to us. We talk about small tweaks to the lists and discuss some strategies on how to play each one. The goal is not to write a new list, but to apply what we talk about on the table top.

The Battlehosts Podcast

Episode 26: Orks!!

We dedicate this episode to Orks! We talk about the history of the Orks and the units available. We also discuss how to play Orks effectively and talk some list building. This is a nice lengthy episode packed with Orky goodness, so sit back and enjoy!