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Episode 130

Episode 130: 40K a Grimdark Satire

In this episode, we talk about the origins of the 40K universe and discuss it as a work of satire. Although it has changed over the last 30 years, it’s roots are in the “grimdark” universe that was first created in the 80s. We also discuss how some can miss the point of 40k as satire. We also review the new Warhammer Plus and whether it is worth your money.

Episode 128

Episode 128: Back to 40K

In this episode, we talk about getting back into 40K. Most of us have been absent from the game for a long time and we have a new edition to learn, so it will take some time to get back up to speed playing the game again. For our second segment, we discuss how to balance 40K with your personal life. It’s especially appropriate now, given how many of our lives have changed as a result of the pandemic.

Episode 127

Episode 127: Christmas 2020

In our sixth annual Christmas episode, we once again do a year in review for 2020. This was definitely a unique year in life and the 40K hobby, and real life for the first time had a big impact on the game. We cover the major events and releases for 40K and discuss the state of the hobby as we near the end of 2020. We also talk about looking ahead to next year and hoping we can get back to playing again!

Episode 126: Black Library Book Club 2

In this episode, we talk discuss two Black Library books as part of our Black Library Book Club series. We take a look at two books focused on the God Machines or Titans of Warhammer 40K; Titanicus by Dan Abnett and Imperator: Wrath of the Omnissiah by Gav Thrope. Although both have Titans at the center of the story, they are very different stories. We start with a spoiler free review section and  give our recommendation for each book. We will then do a more in-depth spoiler-filled dive into each book to discuss the themes, characters, and stories. 

Episode 125

Episode 125: GarageHammer

In this episode, we talk about getting back to 40K basics with Garagehammer. Garagehammer is the term the community uses for playing at home rather than at a store or an event. It’s what many of us started doing, and with the current situation its what many of us find ourselves doing again. We discuss how to get started, the benefits and drawbacks, and our plan for the future. We also discuss our upcoming Battlehosts Crusade campaign.

The Battlehosts Episode 123

Episode 123: New 40K: Matched Play Missions

In this episode, we talk about the new Matched Play missions in Warhammer 40k. These were clearly designed to be a universal set of balanced missions for tournaments, so we want to cover how they work and how they might be implemented by your favorite event.

The Battlehosts Episode 122

Episode 122: New 40K: Terrain

In this episode, we talk about the new rules for terrain in Warhammer 40K. Where many of the updates in this edition are minor changes or additions, these are by far the most extensive set of new rules, which is fitting as they were mostly non-existent in the last edition.

The Battlehosts Episode 121

Episode 121: New 40K: Fighting & Morale

In this episode, we talk about changes to the charge and fight phases in the game. We also cover the Morale phase. There are a number of minor changes that have taken away some of the nuanced movement you could do in the last edition during assault.